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2019 Victorian Transformation Championships
Judging Criteria

Information as at 23 Nov 2018
Check back regularly for updates!

The Judging Criteria will take in the following 4 points:

  1. Before and After Pic
  2. Your Transformation Story
  3. Stage Presence on the day
  4. Weight Change (as a %)

1. Before and After Pic – this will need to be submitted in MY TRANSFORMATION in your iCompete Portal. The photo should include a date-stamp or newspaper etc to support the period. When you submit your photo before and after photo you will need to include your bodyweight, or the photo will not save.

2. Your Transformation Story - We want to know about your journey and what it has meant to you. Written on the online entry form and in 200 words or less.

3. Stage Presence on the day – Judges will assess how confidently you display the new you! While it may not be the final finishing point of your journey, be very proud of your achievement to date on that stage.

4. Weight Change - this will be worked out as a percentage of overall weight lost. *Note in the case of the medical division or someone recovering from anorexia this may be weight gain. You enter your starting and finishing weight when you submit your Before and After photos.